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Early Detection

Saves Lives

Discover Heart Diseases Years in Advance. Revolutionizing heart diagnostics with AI-driven technology.

Every year, heart disease claims millions of lives.

Early detection can change the story.

Over 659,000 people in the US fall victim to heart disease each year.

1 in every 4 deaths worldwide is due to cardiac issues.

30% of heart attacks occur without any prior warning.

Heart complications often silently progress for more than a decade before showing symptoms.

Every heartbeat tells a story, and for many, it’s a tale that ends too soon. The numbers don’t lie – heart disease impacts families globally, every single day. But what if we could rewrite this narrative? What if we could detect these issues years in advance?

Be Proactive,
Not Reactive

HeartCore Health is honored to be a leading distributor in the United States for the transformative Multifunction Cardiogram™ technology. Our mission at HeartCore Health is to pave the way for healthcare professionals to extend the innovative diagnostic capabilities of the MCG™, not only to individual patients but also to communities and organizations that prioritize heart health.


With an unwavering dedication to setting a new benchmark in cardiac care, we envision the MCG™ as the gold standard across the nation. Our commitment extends to reshaping the landscape of cardiac health by promoting early detection, proactive prevention, and effective intervention, ensuring an enhanced quality of life for many.

Why Choose

HeartCore Health?

At HeartCore Health, we’re not just offering a service; we’re pioneering a revolution in cardiac care. Here’s how…

Innovative AI-Driven Approach

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence for precise cardiac assessments, facilitating early detection of coronary heart diseases and specialized identification of small vessel disease in women.

Swift and Non-Invasive

With MCG, obtain a comprehensive cardiac evaluation in just minutes, without any invasive procedures.

A Legacy of Excellence

More than 20 years of meticulous development, backed by rigorous clinical trials, has shaped our FDA and ISO approved technology.

Evidence-Based Effectiveness

The potency of MCG™ isn't just a claim. It's supported by a multitude of major medical studies, with peer-reviewed articles from around the globe certifying its effectiveness.

Transformative Impact

Beyond the numbers, it's the potential change we can bring to the future of heart care. Early detection is key, and with MCG™, heart disease isn't just treatable; it's reversible. Embrace a future where clinicians can genuinely mitigate the leading cause of death worldwide.

Join HeartCore Health and be part of a game-changing solution reshaping heart care for the better.

Non-Invasive, Cost Efficient Results

The distinctive approach of the MCG™ is rooted in its objective, non-invasive, and cost-efficient nature, making it a seamless addition to any clinical setting. Integrating this technology into routine health checks can lead to a significant reduction in unnecessary advanced testing, translating to substantial time and cost savings while, most importantly, safeguarding countless lives. MCG™ stands out with its unique ability to detect critical conditions such as atrial and ventricular fibrillations ahead of their manifestation, empowering doctors to act preemptively. This proactive diagnostic approach redefines value in preventive medicine and is a beacon of hope for substantial healthcare savings.


Boasting both ISO approval and FDA 510K clearance, the Multifunction Cardiogram has withstood the rigors of extensive clinical trials, solidifying its reliability. Its global footprint is evident, with its application spanning 8 countries across 3 continents. Moreover, the MCG™ technology’s prestige is underscored by its recognition as the 2017 recipient of the American Heart Association’s Heart Science Forum’s Innovative Challenge Award.


Begin with a Personalized Consultation

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our expert team. Dive deep into your concerns, and understand how the MCG™ can make a difference in your life.


The Testing Experience

Experience a revolutionary test that takes just minutes, ensuring you get the best care without the usual hassles of medical procedures.


Understanding Your Results

MCG™, powered by advanced AI, not only ensures quick results but also provides a comprehensive insight into your heart’s health. Our team will guide you through the 26 indices available, and get a holistic view of your heart’s state.


Discuss Next Steps

Whether it’s preventive care, early detection, or addressing a concern, our team will guide you on the next steps to ensure your heart remains in its best health.


Here’s Our Process

Here’s What Our Clients

Are Saying

“I’ve always taken my health seriously, especially being an athlete. But when I began experiencing unusual heart palpitations, I knew I needed more than a standard check-up. HeartCore Health’s MCG™ test was an eye-opener! In just 10 minutes, I gained insight into my heart’s health that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Now, I can confidently keep pushing my limits, knowing I’m on top of my heart’s well-being.”
“When I found out that heart issues ran in my family, I was concerned about my own health. My regular tests always came back fine, but I wanted a deeper look. The MCG™ test from HeartCore Health gave me peace of mind. It was swift, non-invasive, and incredibly comprehensive. Armed with my results, I feel more in control of my health and can take proactive steps for my heart.”

“After recovering from COVID-19, I heard about potential long-term cardiovascular effects. Even though I felt fine, I didn’t want to take chances. HeartCore Health’s MCG™ test was recommended to me by a friend. The process was seamless, and the detailed report helped confirm that my heart was in good shape. I’m truly grateful for such advanced technology that helps young survivors like me stay assured.”


How Does This

Technology Work?

Instead of focusing narrowly, HeartCore Health employs a holistic perspective, crafting a comprehensive mathematical model of the cardiac system. This unique approach allows the MCG™ to deliver precise diagnoses through a straightforward, non-invasive procedure.

The process involves three core steps:

Data Collection

Initially, medical professionals gather resting ECG data from the patient, a procedure mirroring traditional resting ECGs, easily and swiftly executed in many environments. This data is then securely sent to HeartCore Health’s central facility through a protected online connection.

Advanced Analysis

Upon receipt, the transformative potential of the MCG™ diagnostic system springs into action. It conducts an array of mathematical manipulations on the initial ECG data, pinpointing specific functional markers. These markers are juxtaposed against our clinically corroborated database, culminating in a quantified MCG™ Score, which encapsulates the detected cardiac disease severity during the evaluation. Beyond this score, the system offers differential diagnoses for distinct conditions observed, equipping the attending doctor with insights for subsequent assessments and treatments.

Comprehensive Reporting

The derived MCG™ Score and identified ailments are consolidated into an intuitive report. Medical practitioners can effortlessly access and review these reports on the MCG™ device or any internet-connected computer. These detailed accounts are pivotal for physicians to craft effective treatment strategies or for potential referrals to cardiologists for more in-depth examinations. Sample evaluations for typical and atypical patients can be made available upon request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The MCG™ (Multifunction Cardiogram) test is an advanced diagnostic tool that uses a comprehensive mathematical model of the cardiac system beyond traditional resting and stress ECG techniques. While the initial data collection mirrors a standard resting ECG, the MCG™ performs in-depth mathematical transformations to deliver a more detailed and accurate diagnosis of heart conditions.
No, the MCG™ test is entirely non-invasive. The initial data collection is similar to a standard ECG, which involves placing electrodes on the skin. The process, from data collection to obtaining results, is swift and can be completed in 10 minutes.
The MCG™ technology has been developing for over 20 years and has earned FDA and ISO approvals. Supported by multiple major medical studies from 8 countries across three continents, it has been clinically validated for its accuracy. Over 2 million patients have been tested using this technology, further underlining its reliability.
After the MCG™ diagnostic system analyzes the data, you’ll receive an easy-to-read report that your physician can review either on the MCG™ unit or any computer with web access. The information will include a quantified MCG™ Score that represents the severity of any detected cardiac disease and might also provide differential diagnoses for specific conditions. Your healthcare provider will help interpret these results and guide you on further steps or treatments.
The MCG™ test is especially beneficial for individuals with heart palpitations, those with a family history of heart diseases, people affected by COVID-19, and athletes from students to professionals who want to monitor heart health. However, it’s always recommended to consult with your healthcare provider to determine if the MCG™ test is appropriate for your specific situation.

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