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Frequently Asked Questions

The MCG™ is a new, innovative EKG machine that uses artificial intelligence (AI). It’s an FDA-approved device that won 1st Place in the 2017 American Heart Association’s Heart Science Forum Innovative Challenge Award.

Major medical studies have supported the MCG™, with peer-reviewed articles originating from 8 countries across 3 continents, proving its effectiveness and consistency in identifying developing heart disease.

The MCG™ can detect coronary artery disease in its earliest stages, predict the onset of heart failure years before it’s clinically noticeable, and identify potential heart rhythm disturbances before most patients physically notice them.

Yes, the MCG™ can detect coronary microvascular disease, a common issue in women that often goes undetected with other technologies.

In the ER, the MCG™ can differentiate between cardiac and non-cardiac chest pain in just 10 minutes, aiding ER physicians in making quick decisions about treatments, such as sending patients to the Cardiac Cath Lab.

The MCG™ can be a valuable tool during yearly check-ups as it provides a cardiovascular score. This score informs patients and physicians about the state of one’s cardiovascular health, facilitating timely lifestyle or treatment adjustments.

With the MCG™, pre-operative evaluations become more comprehensive, leading to reduced intraoperative cardiovascular concerns.

Patients with this condition become more detectable, reducing the most common type of heart attack.

The MCG™ can identify signs of developing heart failure 8-10 years before it’s clinically evident.

As the leading cause of death worldwide is cardiovascular issues, MCG™ providers can become crucial in reducing these occurrences.

Patients can receive a simple score between 0-22 grading their level of coronary cardiovascular disease, offering a clear insight into whether their condition has improved or worsened compared to the previous year.

For many, the first symptom of heart disease is a heart attack. The MCG™ identifies at-risk patients, helping prevent unforeseen heart attacks.

The MCG™ has been identified as a significant advancement in improving cardiovascular workups that the medical community has been seeking for years.

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